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Spent my evening sweating over an attempt to reform my paper for publication. What should have been a simple task — swapping out the IEEE template and replacing it with the Wiley one — took far long than it should have done to smooth out.

After fixing the bibliography to get it to work with amsrefs, I then spent some time trying to debug the final end-of-document page which contained nothing but an empty ruled box. After much examination both of the template and of the example document, I found a bit of code that inserts the contents of \jnlcitation on the last page; but because I'd omitted my self-citation, the template had added an empty box on a blank page.

With these problems resolved, I now need to set the \articletype property — I've emailed the editors for suggestions — and I should be done. Rather annoyingly, I haven't been able to do any of this at work because our version of LaTeX is so old, the majority of the supporting packages needed by the template are either missing or cough up an endless stream of errors when involved. MacTex, on the other hand, works flawlessly straight out of the box.


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