Jan. 28th, 2017

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Heavy rain overnight coupled with recent work to fell some of the trees along the leat made for a very muddy run, despite the piles of chippings put down around the entrance to the field. I managed to finish in an acceptable 20:26 although I caught myself starting to daydream during final kilometre so I can't have been pushing all that hard. Fortunately I was pacing with a couple of other regulars and their presence helped keep me on track.
sawyl: (A self portrait)
Post-run, I stopped off at D&P's place to admire their new carpet. They warned me I might be in for a surprise when I got there and, sure enough, I discovered they've started trusting Dasher enough to leave her at home without putting her in her sleeping crate. Much to everyone's relief, there'd been no disasters and she was tucked up in bed when we arrived.

Briefly breaking the rule of no games in the house, we tried to teach Dash to play fetch with a tennis ball. It took a couple of tries before she realised she was supposed to bring it back, but she was super-enthusiastic once she twigged. With me sat cross-legged on the floor, everything went swimmingly until Dash noticed that my socks were the same fluro yellow as the ball and tried to fetch them!

Once she'd realised she couldn't get my socks off, she decided instead to clamber all over me and give me a good chewing. The others reckon this is a positive development: she's decided that I'm part of her pack and wants to bond. I suspect they're only saying this because they're secretly happy they're not the ones getting chomped!


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