Mar. 25th, 2017

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This morning's run didn't get off to a terribly good start, thanks to a large crane that was blocking the usual access path along by the river. Today was obviously the day they were dropping some of the boats that had been over-wintering in the yard back into the water for the sailing season, and the only place the crane could reach those on the eastern side was from the embankment.

Almost immediately after, near disaster struck as I was crossing the small pedestrian bridge over canal. The bridge is currently surrounded by netting and scaffolding which has reduced the already small walkway down to something that can just about accomodate two people walking abreast. I was fiddling with my watch as I approached. I paused because I thought I could hear people coming up behind me and didn't want to step in their way. I turned to look behind me, saw they'd stopped, and stepped out onto the left-hand side of the path.

As I did so, a runner coming the other way ran straight into my right shoulder. Being much smaller and lighter than me, half of her stopped abruptly and the other half carried on with enough momentum to spin her through 180 degrees. Miraculously she managed to straddle the metal bollard in the middle of the path — intended to separate the flow of pedestrians to prevent this sort of thing — only to land on her bum, facing the opposite direction to the one she'd been running in, looking a bit dazed and confused.

Luckily she didn't seem hurt — she checked her elbows for damage and both were intact — and we both apologised profusely. I said that I hadn't been looking ahead of me and she said that she'd though I'd stopped — which I had — and hadn't realised I'd taken a step forward. I suspect neither of us was to blame: it was just one of those things that happens when there are lots of people in a confined area and where a bridge which ought normally to be more than wide enough for such things, has been width restricted for maintenance reasons. Anyway she must've been OK because I saw her finish the 5K in well under 24 minutes.

The run itself went OK and I followed my current strategy of starting slightly slower and building up the pace later; not that I had much choice in the matter given my position on the starting grid. I finished in a respectable but not stellar 20:21 and 33rd overall — there was a big field with plenty of very fast people, so I'm not too unhappy with my result — while D cracked the 24 minute barrier for the first time since January.


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