Apr. 9th, 2017

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After a very gentle run to start the day, I met up with friends who were having a combined birthday lunch. Navigating the Exeter traffic — typically fine, provided you don't want to leave the city or drive anywhere within it — exagerated by the effects of Easter, with five of us packed into a Citroen C3 — not an ideal configuration! — we made it Kenn in around quater of an hour.

We had lunch at the Ley Arms, with most people going for some sort of roast; I went for a rather nice vegetarian nut loaf with all the trimmings. The company was good and I caught up with a former colleague I hadn't seen for quite some time and who seemed on better form than they've been in a while. After we'd finished eating and with the weather more than warm enough to support sitting outside, we decamped to the garden for post-prandial teas and coffees which came complete with a supporting bowl of Smarties.

We went our separate ways at around half-past three, with the others heading off for a walk in Haldon forest. I had vague plans to go climbing and head on to a barbecue down by the river, so I got a lift back into Exeter with L, who was also planning on spending his afternoon at a BBQ. In the end, none of it happened: I got home only to discover that I was far too tired to manage anything athletic and far too over-fed to cope with any more food, so I ended up tucking myself up at home with a book.


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