Apr. 15th, 2017

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Feeling very, very tired this morning thanks to a heavy day of running and climbing yesterday. Seriously, the exhaustion had started to kick in before I'd even put my trainers on with my back muscles — OK not needed for running but still — registering a whole series of protests thanks to lots of work on a compression move on my current project. So, not exactly in ideal running form this morning.

I managed to make it down to the start on time, didn't bother pushing to front and took the start very gently indeed; I even managed to fit in time to have a chat with D while we were making our way towards the bridge on the way out. I picked up a little bit after that but kept the pace down, not wanting to run out of steam before the end. It wasn't until I was into the final kilometre that I sped up, not wanting to exceed the magical 21 minute mark. In the end I was pretty close to spot-on, finishing in 20:53 and 46th overall out of a big crowd of 376.

Despite a pause to recover with tea and puppies — she's a big pup these days, weighing in at 17kg and looking like she still has some filling out to go — I still felt the burn on the way home in a way that I haven't done in quite a while. Probably an indication that I ought to skip my usual Saturday afternoon climbing session and concentrate on rest and recovery instead...


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