Jul. 1st, 2017

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Good, solid run this morning, finishing 14 out of 294 in a slightly frustrating time of 20:01. On the home straight, heading into the wind, I paced with a couple of other guys and while I thought I could probably accelerate a bit, I wasn't sure what they wanted to do and didn't want to get in the way. When the path widened, I moved out and back to give them room to get by and really speed up if they wanted to; but they both indicated that they were fine with things as they were, so I crammed on a bit of speed and caught up the person in front. When we finished I shook hands with them and the person who'd been behind me said, "Thanks for opening to door to let me pass, but when I knocked on it, nobody was there to answer it!"

I obviously hadn't given it my all because I was able to run down to the climbing centre, get myself scanned, and then run on to D&P's place round the corner for tea. Just before setting out, I'd had a couple of texts from D to say that she'd found a stray dog — not quite stray, because it had tags, but it'd obviously been living round the side of one of her neighbour's houses for a little while — and was waiting for the dog warden, and wasn't sure whether she was going to make it. I promised to drop in afterwards and, when I didn't see her at the start, I decided that she'd probably been tired up with dog stuff.

Sure enough, the warden had found a gap in his schedule that precisely matched parkrun and had come round to pick up the missing dog. At the time, neither of them had been able to get through to the number on the tag but when I was there, the person called D back and she passed the message on to the dog warden. Hopefully that means that by now the pooch has been reunited with her owner...


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