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Finally feeling well enough to return to work. Actually this isn't true: it's more the case that I'd become very bored and I'd taken enough time off to convince myself that I'd passed the point where I was likely to be infectious. Arrived in time to sit in on the integration — we had AJS and AK over from the US to help smooth things along — all of which went largely to plan, despite some unanticipated delays debugging some of the cabling.


Feb. 4th, 2016 09:21 am
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Feeling so ill this morning that I could barely get out of bed, I reluctantly conceded that there was no way in hell I was even going to be able to make it out of the house, let alone into the office, and emailed in sick.

After trying and failing to find a thermometer, not that one was really necessary, I realised I'd got all the symptoms of classic flu and settled in to spend the next 24 hours alseep.
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Despite not starting at 6am, like some of the others, today — actually I'm shamelessly retconning this from the weekend — was a real slog. I sat in with the rest of the gang as they ran through a CLE update, with the usual range of unexpected glitches.

As the day wore on, I felt increasingly tired and unwell. By the time we'd reached what should've been the end, I realised that I was very febrile and my body temperature was skyrocketing. But just as I'd accepted that and was working to put my post-upgrade tunings in prior to going home, we discovered an particular unfortunate oversight that required an extra hour of work; something I managed to do despite feeling worse by the second.

With the work finally done, I managed to catch the bus home, snuggling into my down jacket as if conditions were arctic and not unexpected warm for the time of year. When I got back, I texted my sister who advice her standard aggressive cocktail of antipyretics, and collapsed into bed, all the while dreading the morrow...
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Visiting the hygenist for a spot of dental work this afternoon I felt I had to appologise for last remnants of the epic bout of mouth ulcers I picked up over Christmas. When she took a look the hygenist winced, gave me the usual advice about getting them checked if they haven't healed after a few weeks, and said she'd do her best to avoid them.

I said that I got them all the time and wasn't too bothered, assuring her that they weren't all that bad and she shouldn't worry about it. Her reply? "There speaks someone who is used pain: any normal person with ulcers like that would be kicking up a terrible fuss..."
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I'm beginning suspect I might have caught the unpleasant cold that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. Unfortunately it's hard to be definite: I've also got a big mouth ulcer right at the back which seems to be kicking up a lot of pain in my throat, so it might just be spill-over pain from that...
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Painless follow-up appointment with the haematologist this morning. Nothing more than another round of bloods, another and a discussion with the registrar. He confirmed that nothing had changed, that I was happy with what the consultant told me back in July, and that I knew which symptoms were likely to indicate a worsening of my condition. With all that sorted, he gave me the good news: they were happy to discharge me and to pass everything back to the GP. Hurrah!
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It hasn't been the easiest of weeks. Actually, it hasn't been the easiest of months. June has been marked by endless injuries and a constant series of health problems, culminating in various worries about my on-going blood chemistry problems. But at least these seem now to be easing, thanks to positive news from the hospital and gradual but definite improvements in my hearing.

And work hasn't been much better: we're at the peak period in our usual five year cycle; we're short of people and things are likely to get worse before they get better; and we're up against a series of deadlines which have suddenly become contentious, requiring a great deal of scrupulous attention to detail. But on the plus side, at least I've discovered a use for my philosophy MA: a solid grounding in how to write a short, clear, pointed email with precise attention to the points being answered...
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Early appointment with the haematologist this morning, with blood count numbers low but not catastrophically bad, so nothing much to do but keep an eye on things.

On the way in to work around mid-morning, I got caught up in the disruption triggered by the discovery of a couple of suspicious packages in Sidwell Street. It all seemed extremely efficient and organised, with the buses directed to take a circuitous route along the High Street and in order to avoid the road closures.

Eventually arriving in the office, I learnt some bad news — but fortunately not the worst — which rather dampened the effects of the good news from the hospital...
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While this may be chancing fate, it looks like my the problems with my hearing are finally starting to clear. It's still a bit tentative but the last couple of days have seen something of an improvement and, although it comes and goes quite lot, my bad ear seems to be working better than it has been for most of the last month.
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An annoying relapse of my ear problem with an infection brought on, I suspect, by the treatment for the original problem. So now not only is my hearing bad, but I find that I'm unable to rest my head on one side and that all sorts of horrible infected rubbish seems to be leaking out of ear channel. Lovely.
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Still feeling pretty rubbish what with a bad ear and, thanks to yesterday's bouldering, a slight finger injury, I spent my bank holiday at home, zipping my way through Cassandra Clare's City of Bones, which I enjoyed far more than expected.
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Struck down by an annoying ear problem this weekend. I'm not sure whether it's an infection or a general build-up of detritus and rubbish but whatever it is, it's caused me to lose most of the hearing on my left side. I've got some ear drops — the recommended course of action, whatever the cause — but so far they don't seem to be making the slightest bit of difference.

It looks like I'm just going to have to put up with it and keep self-medicating until after the bank holiday when I can get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan from the doctor...
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Nice afternoon of bouldering, which saw me knock off a couple of new problems without too much trouble. On the downside I seem to have picked up some sort of knee problem which seems unpleasant enough to merit a once over from the doctor...
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A handful of days into 2015 and I've already failed in my resolution to give myself fewer injuries: I forgot to stretch properly on Sunday and a tired muscle has definitely settled in my right shoulder; also, thanks to doing too much running too soon, I've managed to pick up an intermittent but slightly annoying twinge in one of my knee — fortunately it's not the problem that's been plaguing me for most of the last year and not a recurrence of my ITB tightness, so I'm reasonably confident it'll go with a little bit of rest.

Still, not a great start to proceedings...

ETA: after a couple of days of taking it easy, my knee has fully recovered. My shoulder, while much improved, continues to nag slight...
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Finally beginning to feel somewhat recovered from my recent indisposition; although, on the plus side thanks to all the time spent in bed, I seem to have caught up on enough sleep to reach the point where I no longer feel completely and utterly exhausted.
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The reason for last night's early bed was painfully apparent first thing this morning: I've gone down with a nasty virus. I've basically spent the entire day in bed, sleeping and reading and generally feeling sorry for myself. I've tried to do other things — I managed to make it to the store first thing — but I've been pretty much floored, with even the shuffle from bed to desk feeling a bit like hard work.

Let's hope things are better tomorrow...
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Having just got rid of one cold, I find myself immediately going down with another. I blame my neighbour at work, who has had something for a while and spent most of today sounding as though he was breathing through a leaky pair of bellows.

ETA: In the end the dreaded cold never really materialised and I managed to shake it off with little more than a day's worth of feeling slightly delicate...
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I'm not quite sure how, but somewhere between getting up arriving at work — I'm guessing it was the during the running part of my morning — I seem to have picked up an ankle injury. It's not yet clear whether it's a bad one that's going to require a lot of rest & babying or whether it'll clear up with a whole load of anti-inflammatories and a few days of rest. I'm desperately hoping it's the latter...

ETA: It looks like it might only be a short-term thing: RICEing seems to have dealt with the worst of the problem, leaving me in nothing more than a minor discomfort that's not enough to stop me doing things.
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General malaise has left me feeling utterly exhausted and mildly sick — probably the bug that seems to be doing the rounds at work. Consequently I've cried off tonight's outing to a local curry house in favour of an early night with a book.

ETA: I made the right decision. Both of the others, who stuck with the curry plan, complained of poor sleep due to intestinal heaviness. Thus, I suspect, had I gone in my already delicate condition, it would have well and truly done for me...
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This morning's blood test provided the opportunity for a Hancockian exchange with the nurse who, thanks to my impressively low pressure, had to struggle to get her hands on a decent sample:

Nurse: Just move your arm forward for a moment... [ pauses and fiddles with the needle in my arm ] Hmm. I can't believe I've missed the vein...
Me: [ because I apologise for everything ] I'm sorry it's being so badly behaved...
Nurse: It's not your fault. It's just that the blood doesn't want to come out
Me: I'm sure there's some in there somewhere. There was the last time I checked...
Nurse: [ triumphant ] It's coming out now! It's such a nice big vein I thought it was going to come spurting out, but it just seems to be taking it's time...

But despite the difficulties, the nurse managed the whole procedure without me feeling a thing: if I hadn't been watching, I'd have had no idea that anything was going on...


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