Apr. 1st, 2017

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Slightly unusual run this morning with a slow start and a decent finish. Started a long way back on the grid and very gently cruised the start at something like a 4:45 min/km pace. As I was gradually moving my way up the field, I heard someone telling me that it just wouldn't do and I needed to run a bit quicker: it was my colleague and fellow bus traveller RW acting an external conscience. With the threat of competition, I picked up up my speed and started pushing a bit harder, managing to complete the first kilometre in under four minutes and sticking like glue to a four minute pace for three of the remaining klicks, finishing with a decent time of 20:05.

D also managed a fast one and we stood around waiting for RW to finish. In the end, I became convinced that I'd missed him and, because D was in a hurry, we went off to get scanned. We didn't see him at the Quay and it was only when I'd got out that I saw a tall figure in a baseball cap making its way slowly along Haven Road. It turned out the his ankle had twinged as he was going round the field and he dropped his pace right back to prevent it from getting worse. Then, I think, he waited around for the other members of his running club — or, more likely, they waited around for him to hobble to the finishing tape — and they all came down in a block to get scanned.


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