May. 1st, 2017

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Fun afternoon of climbing top rope with E. Not having done anything other than the auto-belay routes for a while, it was nice to get a bit of variety and to try the some of the newer stuff. There was a good mix of difficulties, with some of the new routes set for recent competitions, and some particularly fun climbs featuring the ever-popular EP Yangshou tufas.

Sitting around in the cafe afterwards, we bumped into L who'd come in for his physio session. He's starting the TGO Challenge — a west to east walk across Scotland — in just over a week and he's trying to make sure he's fully fit.

Once he'd left, E started talking about a Duke of Edinburgh event she'd taken part in where she'd swapped packs with her friend because they were struggling to carry their heavy rucksack. When they reached their stop-over point, the reason for the excess weight became clear: the friend fished out metal cutlery and a full set of porcelaine plates to eat off! Their explanation? They'd packed in a hurry and had grabbed whatever the could find in the kitchen on their way out of the door...


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