May. 6th, 2017

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A big field this morning — well over 400 — and rather haphazard start. I was so far back I didn't even hear the countdown. It took me a good few seconds to start my watch, and even then I noticed I spent a good 6-8 seconds waiting for the group to start moving.

Despite the slow start, I managed to pull things back and finished in 20:33 and completing the last kilometre at a 3:40 pace — I was very determined I wasn't going to finish in more than 21 minutes and because I wasn't precisely sure how much time I'd lost at the start, I wanted to be sure I was well under the cut-off.
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After scrubbing off the parkrun mud, I spent the morning picking up the last few essentials ahead of my trip. With everything packed, I set off for the station in good time to get the train to Paddington. The journey was smooth, I arrived on time, and caught the tube to Chalk Farm arriving at my uncle's in time for tea.

We went out to Jamon Jamon in Belsize Park, where the food was as excellent as ever. The only minor mishap was their inability to apply a 20 per cent discount card after the bill had been printed. The waiter explained at some length that, thanks to a till upgrade, they were now only able to apply discounts before they finalised the bill. In the end, I think this may have been a blessing in disguise: far better to apply the discount to a larger meal — one, say, involving my parents and their heroic capacity for food — than dinner for two.


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