May. 10th, 2017

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Another early morning run, but this time I started by heading down to Marymoor Park and following some of the paths there. I ran through the nature reserve, going all the way to the landing stage that looks out onto the north end of Lake Sammamish — there were people pottering around in boats even as early as six in the morning and I'm pretty sure I saw GB of NSCA flash past me heading the other way along the trail. Having done a big circuit of the park, I hit the river trail and put in enough distance to make it into a worthwhile run before heading back to the Redmond Inn and breakfast.

Despite settling in with the intention of enjoying Arno's keynote, I managed to get distracted by crisis back home: a cosmetic change I'd left for someone else to implement had revealed an underlying bug in PBS. After digging through back traces, I located a getattr() which attempted to access a resource which ought to have existed but which, for reasons that were completely unclear, did not exist in some cases. I scraped enough together to allow the site people to raise a bug and went for a short walk with what remained of the time before lunch.

Redmond's Central Street Plaza is rather attractive but it's obviously still in the process of populating itself. There were a few candle shops, some food outlets, a couple of lingerie stores, and an extremely impressive and shiny Ducati dealership. Fortunately I was able to restrain myself!

The afternoon featured my contribution to the conference. I skimmed my powerpoint presentation for the first time in a month and a half in the break before the session and found myself frantically trying to remember what I was going to say and cursing myself for not practising beforehand to get the timing right. In the end I needn't have worried: the presentation was very smooth — although I spent more time look at my laptop screen for prompts than I did gazing into the audience! — and I came in almost precisely on time. I got thumbs up from both SS and TL in the audience, and a solid set of questions which showed that the audience had been listening to what I'd been saying and hadn't completely misunderstood my first point.

The session was followed by a BoF on Caribou, Cray's Lustre analytics package. There was a demonstration using CSCS's test machine which showed the basic functionality of the package but it is clear that a number of features still need to be developed — in fairness, the contributors were open about it being barely out of alpha — and the inability to use proper job information seems like a fundamental flaw when you've got more than one cluster attached to the same Lustre appliance. Still, it's early days and it's definitely a step in the right direction.

Without time to take my bag back to my hotel, T put it in his room for safe keeping while we went for the traditional CUG night out at Chateau Ste. Michelle a few miles downriver. The evening was rather nice: we were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine and various plates of nibbles — once again, mostly meat and Dungeness crab cakes! — followed by a sit-down meal in a nicely done dining room. Randomness meant I ended sitting next to Andrew Barry and a Finn who'd asked some very perceptive questions at the end of my session, while everyone on the table was fine company — one of the others said he recognised me from my morning runs, because he'd been out cycling the trails most days at around the same sort of time.

The evening passed pleasantly but it was a little embarrassing, when you don't drink, to have the wait staff come round to pour out a different wine with every course. But at least I wasn't the only one: CW said much the same thing and I'm pretty sure that a couple of people had opted out entirely on the grounds that they didn't drink. I imagine, as not drinking becomes more common, that big events like this will become a bit more sensitive to the fact, but at the moment it reminds me of what it used to feel like to be a vegetarian...


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