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Having dressed in a rush and hurried in to work, it was until mid-morning — when I carelessly split tea on myself — that I noticed that the shorts I was wearing were covered in chalk marks. Then, just as I was leaving for the day, I noticed I'd missed on the buttons on my shirt too.

Tomorrow I pledge to get up in time to dress myself properly and to give myself time to fasten everything up correctly too...
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Frantic post-work shopping tour in an attempt to pick up something vaguely smart for Saturday. I was, as ever, greatly hampered by my strange shape — skinny around the middle with chunky legs and swimmer's shoulders. While this means that I can usually pick up baggy casual stuff in the sales, it makes finding smart, fitted stuff really tricky. After a couple of hopeless attempts, I finally tracked down a couple of tolerable items and called it day — much to my personal shopper's disappointment.
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I didn't notice while I was getting dressed but, catching sight of myself in a mirror at work, I've noticed that today's natty blue ensemble bears a striking resemblance to the local bus company's uniform...
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Via BoingBoing, the amazing discovery that it is possible to buy a Pee-Wee Herman cycling skinsuit. Actually, I think I'm rather partial to the Tron suit. If only I wasn't quite so cheap...
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Having finally got some new ID, I'm pleased to find myself in possession of a photo that actually looks like me. Where my old ID had a picture of me, aged 23, in a suit and owl glasses looking front and centre, the new one has caught me an in entirely characteristic pose: older, wiser, scruffier, head tilted to one side and gazing into the distance. Now, maybe, there's a chance that someone might actually recognise me from it...
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My new shirt has garned me many compliments on my neatness, despite not having bothered either to have a shave or to have tucked my shirt tails in. In fact, I'm not sure I could tuck my shirt tales in even if I should want to; for in order to buy a shirt that fits across the shoulders, I need to buy something that feels long enough to serve double duty as a tent...

The Manx

Aug. 16th, 2011 09:54 pm
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Simon Hattenstone isn't convinced by Asda's male corset:

I do feel bizarrely svelte when I walk around, and notice that my belly quickly develops a smug little wiggle. But as soon as I sit down I want to pass out. Apparently, the corset stops body odour. But that might be because it kills you before you have time to stink.

How terribly 19th century...

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I hate buying shoes. They're expensive. They usually don't fit properly. The process of breaking them in is horrific and painful. But there are times when hiking boots won't cut it and shoes are required. Hence my grudging purchase of a new pair of Dr M's finest.

Next stop: blister city
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Via BoingBoing, a set of truly amazing Retro cycling jerseys. I really wouldn't mind a Grinch top...
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Only two of us were in today and we'd both decided to dress for hot weather. My colleague had opted, for the first time every, for short sleeves having decided that risks of roasting to death outweighed any potential concerns he might have about showing off his extensive tattoos.

I, on the other hand, had settled on a shorts and t-shirt combo that I thought, when I was getting dressed, made me look suitably preppy. Sadly, when I got into the office, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and realised that I looked exactly like I was dressed for the beach, albeit a beach of the smart and preppy variety.
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I don't think the Guardian's suggestion that people wear summer clothes to office, instead of cranking up the AC to arctic levels, is going to come as much of a surprise to some people. Here's a snippet from Stross's account of his time at SCO in the early 90s:

It was, in short, a thriving software multinational with a somewhat Californian culture. There was, for example, a dress code: "clothing must be worn during office hours," which was imposed in the wake of an incident when it wasn't (which unfortunately coincided with an on-site visit by some major investors).

Which sounds appalling but, on the plus side, I bet the person concerned didn't asked for the air conditioning to be up to planet destroying levels...

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This morning, we went for coffee as usual and I bought a can from the vending machine. I dropped the change into my right-hand pocket, as I normally do, forgetting that I was wearing a pair of cargoes whose pockets have seen better days. Rather embarrassingly, the change promptly fell through a two inch hole in my pocket, down my trouser leg and spilt all over the floor. Needless to say, [ profile] doctor_squale mocked me ruthlessly, comparing me to some poor Dickensian urchin, unable to afford a pair of non-holey trousers.

But the truth is even more shameful. Due to my recent work/study crisis, I've failed to do my laundry two weeks in a row and consequently, I have almost no clean clothes. Unless I get my act together in the next few days, I'll be reduced to wearing an old Halloween costume or, God forbid, a suit to work next week...
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I've noticed that my fingernails — currently, for no very good reason, a shade of dark blue — precisely match the colour of the Boston Tea Party takeaway cups. Finally my entire life is colour coordinated.
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I've been watching a lot of Alias recently. Last week I watched the entirety of Season Three. Now I'm making serious in-roads into Season Four. And I've found yet another reason for watching: glasses porn.


I've caught myself making cutesy little noises every time Sydney Bristow turns up in a new pair of glasses — does the woman never wear a pair of specs more than once? — and I'm starting to wonder just what the health benefits of working for a covert branch of the CIA might be and whether it might not be worth considering a change of career...
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Just about warm enough to do without long sleeves today — I wasn't the only one: there were a few hardy souls willing to bare their arms to the elements and even a handful of people, mostly muffled up in hefty sweatshirts, wearing shorts.
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Via the Guardian, I've discovered that man-bras are increasing in popularity in Japan.

You'd think that man-bras would be more popular in the UK or the USA, where a sizeable portion of the male population are doing their damned to eat themselves into an early grave, giving themselves substantial man-boobs in the process, than they would be in generally skinny Japan. But, as the video implies, the trend seems to be more of a fetish thing than a lift-and-separate thing...
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This came up in a conversation last week: Buzz Rickson's MA-1 in Pattern Recognition black. Very cool.
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Today's question: is it possible I might persuade my eye doctor to prescribe me anime contact lenses? Sadly, I rather suspect not...
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My security presentation went rather well. I covered the ground pretty comprehensively, I didn't get any adverse comments and, from the questions being asked, it seemed as though everything was pitched at the right level — there's no better sign than being able to answer a question with the line, "I'm glad you asked me that, because I'm going to deal with it in the next slide", to show that your listeners are right where you want them to be.

Meanwhile, in the world of non-bureaucracy, I finally decided on — and found the time to implement — a tasteful regime of dark blue nail polish:

It's not a very good picture, but you get the general idea. And no, I'm not responsible for the swirly wallpaper. Just the feet. And the clutter.

And some how, in amongst the work and the self decoration, I've also managed to find time to fit in large amounts of running and swimming. Enough, in fact, to put me well into the Midgewater Marshes. Yuck. I hope it doesn't mess up my pedicure.

Miles to Rivendell: 281
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Now that Fall is here and it's starting to get too cold for open-toed footwear, I feel that it's time I considered abandoning my summer nail polish in favour of something a bit more lurid. But I'm not sure which shade to choose:
  • Black, because it goes with my dark and twisted soul
  • Harlot scarlet, because it matches my dressing gown
  • Indigo, because it blends with my jeans and skate top schtick
  • Summery pink, because it might still be warm enough for flip-flop
  • Black cherry, because it's what Alison Goldfrapp would do
  • Lebowski green, because you never know when I might need to sell a toe

I suppose I should probably go for something dark, what with it being the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and all that, but I'm not quite sure I'm ready to abandon summer quite yet.


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