Jan. 21st, 2017

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Another week and another less than great start to this morning's parkrun. Staring somewhere back from the front, I had to pelt the first section before settling in to a more manageable pace. Thanks to the congestion of people I couldn't really force my pace so I found myself holding back over the first klick only pushing hard once the press had thinned out a bit, allowing me to sustain a more even pace.

As we ran along by the leat I realised why we'd had some extra safety information at the pre-run briefing. Someone had been busy lopping down trees along the footpath and the heavy vehicles they'd used had churned up plenty of mud along the edge of the tarmacked part of the track. The section leading into the field was pretty muddy too and I hate to think what it was like after two hundred people had passed through.

Despite or, maybe even because of, my slow start, I picked up the pace over the last kilometre completing it at around the same pace as my opening K. Then, when I noticed that there was a chance I might be able to finish in under 20 minutes, I accelerated hard and completed the last section as quickly as I'd run the intervals at the start.

In the end I missed my target and finished in 20:06 but I'm not at all unhappy. Despite not managing another sub-twenty, I was within touching distance; I had enough left in the tank to push hard at the finish; and, best of all, it felt much easier than it had any right to feel.

ETA: skimming the photos, I've discover a shot of the 50th t-shirt in action coming into the last kilometre of the course. It seems to me I look uncharacteristically focused, but maybe I just have focused resting face...

Back over the bridge... )
sawyl: (A self portrait)
Arriving at the Quay just as the day was winding down, we stopped in the cafe while the results of the youth comp were announced. Once things started to settle, we went down to give some of the competition boulders a quick try. The problems were fun and challenging — not a surprise given the effort the setters had put in ahead of the comp — but they were obvious set with smaller body shapes in mind, so a lot of it felt pretty bunched up; even E, who isn't exactly towering, commented on it...


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