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Making the most of the hot weather with a lovely Sunday evening barbeque. The dogs were a bit hyper — Blitzen became completely obsessed with a giant bag of giant marshmallows! — but there were no disasters and they didn't manage to swipe anyone's food.

With Glastonbury close on the horizon — D&P had just driven back from setting up their stuff ahead of the start of the event — we got to discussing festivals and, much to my relief, a couple of the others announced that they weren't really into them either. Someone said that they didn't like not having somewhere quiet to go and recover from grumpiness, hanger, hangover, whatever, and that festivals had all the downsides of camping with all the downsides of being somewhere really busy and noisy.

A said that she'd signed up for a deal a while ago where you could do up to six festivals for Oxfam over a summer and had put her name down for both Glastonbury and Reading. But what had seemed like a good idea before her first festival didn't seem quite so attractive afterwards and even while she was still at Glasto, she decided she wasn't a festival person and bought her way out of going to Reading!

I was tempted to ask whether the Proms or Glyndebourne fell within the meaning of the act. They both call themselves festivals, so surely they must be in...
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The day of the Good Doctor's party to celebrate his fortieth birthday in the presence of friends and family. A couple of us caught a taxi from outside my place, picked up a couple of others en route and arrived Jack in the Green slightly ahead of everyone else. We weren't alone for long: the main party arrived 5-10 minutes later, having finally managed to find seats for everyone in one of a vast fleet of taxis.

Waiting for the others )

After a chance to chat and practice our French over drinks and canapes, we moved into the dining area and sat ourselves around the table with the Franophones clustered around the South and the monoglot Anglophones in the North.

At lunch... )

We lingered over lunch until four before heading back to Exeter for tea on the patio to make the most of a surprisingly sunny afternoon.

Taking tea... )

Once the children had exhausted themselves playing games with Bertie the Dachshund, those that were leaving starting to wander off either towards home or, in the case of those who were staying, towards supper at the Victoria Inn. Despite planning to knock off early, I found myself persuaded to step inside for a few minutes, only to finally leave around half-past nine. Still, I had a good time — more so than if I'd gone home with a book — and it was nice to catch up with some people I hadn't seen for ages.
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An last minute meetup in Honiton with H&P&J, which reminded me that I'd hadn't seen P&J since August 2011 — shocking! After enduring the local Weatherspoons, P&J went off to do domestic stuff and to prepare for J's birthday — complete with an Octonauts cake! — while H&I looped around the hills to the south of town. On our journey we met one of my colleagues out walking his dog, saw a couple of huge birds of prey — probably buzzards — and somehow, despite the best efforts of google maps, failed to get lost.

Arriving back in town, we struggled to find anywhere to eat — Honiton is clearly a hotbed of activity on a Saturday night. Eventually we cut our losses, stopped off at a chip shop, and ended up sat on a bench at the station eating our supper and discussing the dodginess of climbing protection on some routes.

Sadly, in the last few minutes before my train, the conversation was interrupted by a call form someone at work and after the short hiatus of my train journey — complete with a couple of young women dressed as tennis players on their way to a fancy dress party — most of the rest of the evening was lost to trying to pin down an extremely nebulous GPFS problem.

ETA: In the end I didn't get finished with work until 11:40, when the applications guy working was able to persuade people that the problem wasn't have as much impact as they thought. I wasn't really able to get to the bottom of things and promised to take another look early on Sunday, only to lose half the day to further futile attempts to nail down the cause of the problem. Annoying, but at least Sunday's weather is horrible and I'm going to be able to charge my time at weekend rates...
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Truly superb day spent celebrating the marriage of F and Dr S — it a real privilege to mark an important occasion for two good friends. As might be expected, the event perfectly balanced the seriousness of marking a significant occasion with a fantastically fun party.

The speeches were charming and funny and delightful — and the cheer the good Doctor got when he opened with, "My wife and I..." was truly roof raising! The company was excellent — I especially enjoyed the chance to catch up with friends I haven't seen for far too long &mdahs; and the decision to hold a ceilidh was inspired — especially the final couple of dances, which gave everyone a nice chance to say goodbye to the bride and groom.


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